me and my mate are looking for a 2 guitar song to cover for our music GCSE concert. We need something that we can learn in a week but that is fairly complicated to get a good mark (we are both intermediate/advanced guitarists). We also need a song where the guitars aren't playing the same thing most of the time, but 2 different things (rhythm and lead is fine). Preferably instrumental but doesn't have to be We can always ditch the vocals or get someone to sing

No classical please (im already doing a guitar instrumental as a solo, id prefer this one to be different)

thanks for any suggestions
i may just do this -----> http://www.youtube(dot)com/watch?v=ygqGcLhpmEA

(Back in black 2 guitars cover)

btw i am in year 10 so if i dont do too well in this concert then there is always next year haha

We can split this so that one of us does the basic chords and then the big solo and the other the chords and all the other bits in between