So I'm looking for a new bass around the £300 - £400 mark, and I'm quite taken with Fender-style basses.
I've narrowed it down to 3:

Squier Classic Vibe Jazz Bass
Squier Vintage Modified P- Bass
Fender Modern Player Jag Bass

Which of these is the best for the money? Or are there other similar style basses in the same price range that are better?
I dislike active pickups and would prefer single-coil (fender style) pups.
I play funk, jazz, pop and rock ranging from Green Day through to heavier things like Velvet Revolver, but not much metal. Drop D is as far down as I'll go in terms of detuning, so if possible quite a versatile bass!
the vm series j or p is well liked here. i dont think i've ever seen people saying they prefer the mim fenders over the VM squiers
In general the quality is roughly comparable, but I hear the Squiers have better QC. So you end up paying a bit more for the name "Fender"
Hang about on basschat.co.uk and wait for a second-hand MIJ Fender. Much better than anything you'll buy new for £400.
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That looks excellent, thank you! Much more versatile than either the jazz or the p, I'll have a look at that instead of those I think, and maybe still look at the fender, even if it is a bit more for the brand, just to compare how they feel. Thank you very much!
You could prolly score a Standard MIM Fender on the used market for about what you would pay for those Squiers.
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You could prolly score a Standard MIM Fender on the used market for about what you would pay for those Squiers.

Yes, but it is rather unsure he ends up with a better bass that way. If there's a possibility of getting a MIJ, or any other MIM series that ARE NOT the STANDARD, you would get something better, i think. Particularly with reissues MIMs, like the 70's Jazz.
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i personally do not think a bottom end ANYTHING is good....... squier is a purchased organisation by fender, but an organisation in its own nevertheless, just like epiphone..... a top end squier should be top quality on its own standards.....