My band recorded a song in our schools media class a while ago, but, I don't think my marshall mg records well. It's the only amp I've ever had and it needs to be replaced by something better..or at least louder since it's hard to hear me over the drums at practices.

Song Here

The tone is okay on the song, but, it hope it's clear what I'm going for. Just something that we could work with on the sound at least. Doesn't have to be extremely clean but I'd rather use pedals then amp effects.

I don't think I'd be able to spend more than $500 or so. Any suggestions?
Thanks to everybody for your help in advanced
A peavey valveking would be a decent option. You can get those used for about 400 bucks. It's hard to really say without a better idea of what music you like to play though.

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I second the Peavey Valveking suggestion. I can't think of anything else that's somewhat decent in that price range. Maybe look for a used Traynor YCV40 or a even a used Blackstar HT-40 (Blackstar's glorified hybrid accusations aside).
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