Have this song pretty much finished but having a hard time making drums that fit it. Any ideas welcomed too, if something doesn't fit i can try to make some changes. Overall though this this songs pretty cool and simple just can't tab drums very well on GP yet . There's a lot of Mono and Olafur Arnalds influence in this one.
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I like it, though I'm not a fan of post-rock. The beginning and the outro are basically in 6/4, but it's not crucial to change the time signature. Also the parts sounded pretty well-connected I think.
Noted ill work on the time signatures, next time i have a chance and post it. Probably help with the drums come along. thanks
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Noted ill work on the time signatures, next time i have a chance and post it. Probably help with the drums come along. thanks

Let me know whenever you post the new version with the fixed time sigs, I'll do the drums for you.
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Big update, trimmed song to 7 min and fixed the time signature on the intro. Also added drums but they're pretty basic. Still welcomed to help out with drums since i know they could be better.
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If you wait until monday i can tweak them if necessary
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I'm cockblocked regularly by my appearance and personality.
Cool, go ahead, at least i got some basic stuff for the drums, needs some improving though . Pretty much done with the song on this version too .
Here, I'm going to give you some tips on how to not only write drums, but to better your Guitar Pro experience as a whole.

I assume you're quite like myself. My main problem with writing music was once that I LOVED Eddie Van Halen. I had the skills to play like he did, but I simply could never pick up a guitar and sound anything like him.

Then an idea hit me one day. I'm going to write a couple scrap sounds, where I simply learn a song of his (For me it was Respect The Wind... <3), use GP, and rewrite the song in Guitar Pro... And it made it so much easier for me to write what I wanted to write.

For you, it's drums. Want to write at least semi-decent drums? Think of your favorite bands. Or favorite drummers if you have any, and look up their song tabs. Find some songs with different structures that you can connect to. When I was learning to write drums, I used Living Monstrosity by Death.

See... it doesn't have to be anything complex, as I show with my Living Monstrosity example, but rewriting, or at least editing... maybe even something as simply as LOOKING at the tabs, how they work, and what notes specifically allow you to do what you want, and you're ****ing stacked my friend.

I certainly see nothing wrong with looking for help writing drums, I did it for my first three Guitar Pro songs, and while I don't write the most amazing Eddie Van Halen sounding solos, I still took a page from his book by messing around with the tablature, and getting an idea of what works and what doesn't. You could even go as far as creating a mock song. Where, you pick a song by a favorite band, and just edit the drums until you get something you feel is even better.

Instant progress. Good luck, bro. Seriously give it a try... try it out for a couple hours.
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I see what you mean, ya influences can help in creating better GP tunes. Never really have messed with a completed song before and tried making it better but its worth a try . For this type of song though its easier to make drums for me and can usually pull it off, but i struggle more on metal tunes, so ill focus on those for practice. thanks for the tips
You should write in the beginning "Like a dirigible"!

I like it, I think the song is pretty much complete except for some minor detailing, the drums sound fantastic as well!

When I thought about what drums would fit you pretty much thought of it yourself, good job!
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Thanks, this song developed well so i might try recording it some time in the future. Still improving on the drums but i'm better at doing instrumental parts so far. This thread is on it's last leg but thanks again for the help and reviews.