Hey everyone, this is the first time I've ever properly released solo material, it seems a bit weird doing it with about a band but I thought I'd give it a shot. Have a listen please tell me what you think, oh and leave a link to your music in your comment and I'll be more than happy to check your stuff and give you some feedback

Hey, long time no hear! I listened to the first 5 songs. They are rather trippy & a bit chaotic. Not sure if you were going for an 'under the influence of some mind altering drug', though the timing is a bit loose, but perhaps that was intended. I myself have difficulty keeping the timing tight without drums or metronome. Wondering if you were planning to use drums of some sort in the future. Some of the guitar tones sound pretty unique. In some regards I like your vocals, they sound cute, though sometimes a bit pitchy. I like most of the guitar riffs. Not sure if you were intentionally going for an American accent, I myself like hearing an English accent from British singers. I still dig that song you did in the band, "Clarity", the one that reminded me of Belinda Carlisle's vocals. I have it burned on a CD & listen to it in my car at times. Curious if Ame Bleu is your alter ego, assuming your real name is Emily. Anyway, I know you like guitar more than synthesizers, though I'd appreciate if you'd review my music at this link:

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