Hi there,
Recently, I've been looking at getting a 'project guitar' to really make my own, and the new Plus-Top Mexican HSS Strat seems to be a good starting place. I've come up with a pretty weird control setup for it, and quite frankly I'm not even sure if it's possible, so I'll need your input.
Here's the idea:
First off, the pickups will be replaced with 2 Lace gold sensors and a hot gold dually in the bridge.

I would want the volume potentiometer to be push-pull as to go from series to parallel.

I would like to replace the first tone potentiometer with a mini toggle to add the bridge pickup to any combination that doesn't already include it (i.e. Neck+Bridge, Neck and middle + bridge)

I would like the second volume potentiometer to be replaced with a three way mini toggle that selects which coil(s) of the bridge pickup are used.

Is this possible, or is it too much for one guitar?

Thanks in advance,
Look at this:

You'll notice there is a constellation of controls on that guitar.

My take on it: if you can wire it properly AND keep track of/manipulate the controls when performing, there really isn't such a thing as "too much" for a guitar.
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