Havent posted here in ages, but here goes

When we’re sober, we’re strangers
Different people lie here now, to the people led at 2
Discussing politics of Propagandhi
Now it’s the same repeated conversation
Forced to avoid idle stagnation
“how is your head”
“what happened last night”
I don’t really care
But its better than silence

But then I come out and say it
“this just isn’t love”
“I’m trying, why isn’t that enough”
Solidifying the thought
That dry, we’re done
We shouldn’t need to try
Like when clutching a bottle of wine.

A road that leads to nowhere is a road I will not walk
A road that leads to nowhere is not a road at all
It's about a fake relationship. They met when they were drunk, and thought they should be together, or had a good night of sex. Then when they sobered up, they saw that the other person sober was different than from when they were drunk, but maybe it would work out. The relationship was doomed from the start, but they wanted to try and make it work, possibly for the other person.

You think you know a person when you're with them, but in reality you probably don't.
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