This is more of a home audio question but I figure some on here could help me

I have an extensive CD and digital music library that I would like to digitally store on some type of device that I can hook up to my TV. When we have people over or I just want to listen to music at home I want to be able to turn on the TV and cycle through my albums using a program like iTunes that has the album artwork and everything (so it looks classy). I saw this recently at a friends house. I think he had the old version of the apple TV that he used like a storage device for all his albums. He could essentially turn his TV into a giant iPod that he could control via remote.

So my question is, how can I do the same? Is there a better way than using an old Apple TV? I'd rather have a device that can hold a few hundred albums rather than just plugging my 16 gb iPod in to something. Suggestions are most welcome.
I have a USB input on my TV that allows me to plug in and play media from a hard drive
the interface isn't pretty though, but that depends on the TV
I'd personally use a PS3
you could also hook up a laptop and use whatever software you want. Many TVs have a VGA in (my PC monitor is actually a 26" LCD TV).
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A lot of newer TVs will let you use an external hard-drive through a USB port to play any media files like music and movies, you could also use Network Attached Storage - a hard-drive on your router in the most basic of explanations.

As for scrolling through the files, some TVs will give you a dead basic file browser to select what you want to play, but some really cool Smart TVs might let you get an app of some description to behave like iTunes. But that's only if you're really desperate for a funky artwork display, otherwise just pick track by track or a playlist for example..
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