I've recently started gigging with an acoustic band, in coffee shops and whatnot. Now on stage I used to look at the mic when I was singing and jump around a bit. But in this bad I don't sing and I have no Idea what to do with myself, as you cant just headbang for acoustic songs... So does anybody have any suggestions?
Depends on what kind of music. If it's a rock/pop kind of thing, just look friendly. Smile at the audience. Look like you're having fun. Jumping around and head banging doesn't always equal great stage presence either. Getting the audience involved helps, mouth the words like you're singing along and maybe some other people will start singing along too. LOOK at the audience. I've always thought that bands that don't look at the audience or try to interact/get the audience involved usually aren't very fun to watch, no matter good they or their music are. That's just my 2 cents though. Hope I at least gave you some ideas!
elliott smith timidly sat on a stool and mumbled between songs and as soon as he started singing he could shush a stadium for people to just listen to him play. it's all in the music and your personality - no hiding behind theatrics.
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