I've been assigned the task of trying to repair a friend's busted old Dunlop Cry Baby...help?!

I'm usually pretty quick to spot the cause of a problem but this one is a bit over my head. Basically it's very inconsistent in that it never works on bypass, only with the wah effect "on", but even then it often cuts out altogether.

My assumption would've been that if it works (you can hear the guitar through it) when it's "on" but not when it's "off" then it would be a dodgy connection on the switch, but that doesn't appear to be the problem... Or if it is, it's not the only problem.

Any immediate suggestions or has anyone else had this problem?
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My suggestion is to completely remove the footswitch and perform a continuity multimeter test on the terminals with the switch in both on and off states and confirm it works properly and is completely stable before you go digging deeper.

The switch by eye may appear physically ok and the solder connections look to be solid, but the internal operation may be intermittent.

The switch is the second electronic device that cops the most physical abuse on a Cry Baby. The wah pot being the first.
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