So what countries/places/landmarks or whatever do you want to visit before you die a lonely, premature death due to alcoholism and cough syrup abuse.

I'd love to visit Jamaica, Brazil, Peru and Mexico. Idgaf about the crime. There's also a few American cities in there too.

inb4 TS's mom.
Iceland, Germany and Japan. Maybe China/HK as well...
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America - Probably LA, New York and Washington. Maybe Boston and Frisco

Japan - To try and even comprehend that many asians

Iran - Birthplace of Human Civilization, I mean come on
Ireland, US (California & Nevada) and Germany.
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I've been to Jamaica and Mexico. If you're in the Cancun area I'd check out the rainforest and Mayan pyramids/ruins. It's amazing.

I wanna surf in Australia. Def wanna travel around Japan and see where my family is from.
Japan and New Zealand. I don't really like travelling but i feel like i have to see those places before i die.
Well I've been to the Bahamas and that was pretty great.

I'd probably just like to go to Japan, and probably UK.
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NZ Australia and Japan
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Germany, Sweden, France, Fiji, Thailand

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all of scandinavia, germany, britain and ireland, russia, maybe the netherlands

i want to go somewhere in asia and south america too but i haven't a clue which countries i should pick
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Australia is on top of my list. In a year and a half I'm going to make it happen
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All of them

My friend visited 30 countries in less than a year. Sooooooo jealous.
Brazil. Definitely Brazil at one point.

America is too big to appreciate it, would not know where to start and I think I'd be disappointed.

Screw Africa. Maybe South Africa, but not really.

Japan is too weird, thanks. Korea's cool, but...far.

Australia I imagine to be expensive and like England in the sun.

I don't need to go to New Zealand, Wales is nearer.

So there.
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Iran - Birthplace of Human Civilization, I mean come on

Don't you mean Iraq?
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I'd like to see Mecca and Medina as well as the Iron Pillar of Delhi, Guaíra Falls, Mount Roraima, Socatra and THIS .
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I'd like to see Iran/Iraq.


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The countries with the best scuba diving, mountain ranges, pastoral landscapes, and food.

Really, I want to go everywhere with the exception of a fairy few, desert-y places.

Ain't rich enough for that though. Although, if I were rich, my wife and I have both agreed that the money would be best spent on travelling.

I'll be going to Australia, on the great barrier reef, later this summer, so I'm pretty excited for that. Hoping for some great diving
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Iceland, Paris, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile.

Only New York in US tempt me and none of Africa really does.

Australia I guess would be kinda cool.
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America - Probably LA, New York and Washington. Maybe Boston and Frisco

Japan - To try and even comprehend that many asians

Iran - Birthplace of Human Civilization, I mean come on

And the burial grounds of civility.

OT: Most of west europe, Africa, South America and South Asia. Maybe Tokyo as well, and New Zealand/Australia (in the end it's like the same thing, right?).