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Planning out some mods for my VK 112 and I noticed that the reverb tank is connected to the outside of the chassis and a bunch of hot glue is there to keep things in place. Obviously a soldering iron is out of the question, as the heat would damage the plastic connector. So how do I remove this crud and get the frame out of there? I've heard simple rubbing alcohol would get the job done, but I figured I'd ask someone wiser than me before I make my amp smell like a boozehound.

When I did it I just grabbed part that you would normally pull to unlatch the connector and pulled until the glue let go. (I'm pretty sure this is what I did, it was a while ago but I remember being particularly frustrated by it)

Alternatively, I think a flathead screwdriver would be able to adequately pry the glue from the connector.

The glue they use is not particularly strong, in that it can be broken/removed easily without damaging anything. It's just strong enough to hold things in place.

FYI, the chassis is also glued to the wood, after removing the screws you might have to yank reasonably hard to pull it out. Or, learn from my experience and use a knife.

I agree, soldering iron is almost certainly a bad idea.

EDIT: Also, I don't know what you're going in there for, but the screws holding the PCB's down also are coated in glue. I found that the turning of the screws was enough to remove the glue. The glue is soft enough that you should be able to get to the screw and turn it with a regular philips head with the glue still there.
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Thank you! I want to do a lot more studying and practicing on stuff that won't kill me but I'm also thinking about routes of attack for how I'll handle this kind of stuff in a month or so. I've figured out the whole "drain the caps, don't get zapped" bit but I haven't soldered in a while so I'm gonna practice for a bit before diving into anything expensive. All I'm planning on doing for the time is the mesa mod. In the future I'll probably go back in and do the bias mod, but I don't have the gear to test tube bias so I've gotta put that off.

If you don't mind sharing, what mods did you do to yours and what kind of music are you into? Do you miss anything about the unmodded version?
The only mods I did were changing the stock speaker and replacing a transistor that died for channel switching (repair is kind of a mod, right?).

I considered doing the mesa mod, but I knew that I would sell the amp eventually (will be soon as I am in the process of replacing it). I decided that I would rather be able to say that it is stock, electronically.

At the time, I played primarily thrash metal. I found the biggest help was a good set of preamp tubes (Tung Sol 12AX7's sound great in this amp), a new speaker, and an MXR 10-band eq in the effects loop. Of all the things I did, the eq had the most affect. By playing around with it, you can really de-mud the distortion channel.

Since I haven't done any electronic mods, I can't say what they sound like. But, I haven't read anyone complain about them.

I assume you are familiar with the Valveking wiki given that you know about the mesa mod? If you aren't: http://ultimate-guitar-valveking.wikispaces.com/

Also, obligatory "be careful" disclaimer: You are working with high voltage with enough current that can kill you. If you find yourself being careless, stop and come back to it later. You are more important than your amp.

Hope this helps Good luck and don't kill yourself
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Ah, I see, thanks! I've read the VK mod page cover to cover- I've actually already changed the speaker to a Warehouse Vet 30 and I've swapped tubes but I will be doing so again very soon with
v1 7025
v2 Penta labs 9th gen 12ax7a
v3 Sovetek 12ax7-lps

and TAD-6l6WGC-STRs.

Hopefully that clears things up, though I'll probably still mesa it up. Thanks for the warnings, you can never ever be too safe! I shall resume reading and watching youtube videos on the topic lol.
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