Poll: Do you/your family still have an active home phone?
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Yes, we are dinosaurs stuck in a world of technology.
85 65%
No, that shit is so 2005.
45 35%
Voters: 130.
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My friend just told me that his family still has a home phone. It kinda blew my mind a bit. I've exclusively used cell phones for like 6 years now. I wonder if they use AOL dial-up as well.

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Still got a home phone so that the cellphone doesn't get spammed with toll free and whatnot.
I do but I don't use even know what it is. When I lived in my old city less than a year ago I still knew the number and used it from time to time.
It's useful when it comes to using it on forms where you need to put down a phone number but don't want to give your cell phone.
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Yeah big whoop wanna fight about it.
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Still got a home phone so that the cellphone doesn't get spammed with toll free and whatnot.

I don't understand what those have to do with each other.
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I don't understand what those have to do with each other.

The toll free companies obviously do.
I haven't had a land line since last year. I find my cell phone easier cause I could get caller id, text, send pics, look on the internet, block numbers, and do various other things on it that I couldn't do on my land line without getting extra charges.
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For years no. Like, probably about 10. We only got one again about 3 or 4 months ago. We never use it. None of us even remember the number. It came free with the cable subscription or something.

For those that do: Ey bay BAY! How's about you hook me up with dem digits?
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No, but that shit is older than 2005. I think we got rid of our house phone in 2002 or 2003.
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Technically, yes we do have a home number, but there hasn't been a phone hooked up to it for like 5 years now. We only kept it because Charter would rape us otherwise.
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Yes, my mom uses it a lot. Plus it's free with our TV/internet/mobile phone subscriptions
I think skype is doing a good job.
Plus you don't get those annoying telemarketers
My parents have one at their house. My dad wants to get rid of it though. I just stick to my cell phone.
mobile phones are for losers
But boys will be boys and girls have those eyes
that'll cut you to ribbons, sometimes
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Landlines, no, those are useless and stupid.

Ironically my entire line of work depends on landlines and will be made obsolete once the elderly are capable of texting.
Yes, but it's VoIP for free international calls. I never pick up the landline. Ever.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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Technically I have a home number, as it was included with my TV/Internet package. It's not got a phone hooked up to it though.

My parents still have a home phone though, but I've not lived there for like 6 years.
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It's heaps cheaper (where I live at least) for a landline than it is for mobile, and I think it's part of the internet plan. Much better reception and overall sound quality (I have the iPhone volume on full and still struggle to hear people) too.
Pretty common in the UK to still use house phones now.

Here in Finland I'm yet to know 1 person who has one
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once all of the adults in the family had cellphones the landline became a waste of money. i would just use my mom's up until i got one of my own much later but i never made too many calls anyway.
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Lol what?!Hell yeah I got a home phone, and most people in my country (South Africa) have home phones. I can't imagine not having one...I mean everyone in the house has cellphones, but a home phone is still something that's usual in every house hold here (we use uncapped ADSL btw not dial up)
I'm not saying not to trust the internet, but there's an alarming discrepancy between the number of iPads I've won & the number of iPads I own.
My father was self-employed so a landline was damn useful. Nowadays a landline isn't so essential.
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Generally in the UK you have to pay line rental for internet, and phone is usually essentially free with it, so anyone who has the internet will technically have a home phone number. However, we don't have a phone hooked up to ours, no.
Mainly because I'm living in a shared house of 5 and it would just be a difficult bill to split if people used it regularly. We all use mobiles, aye.
I have one, but only because it gives us a better deal with our internet as long as we use it once a month or something. I don't even know the number.

Back home we still have one and use it quite often, and it's cheaper than using my cell phone since I only have a pre-paid card when I visit.

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I don't have one myself (since I live with roommates and we are dumb kids). My parents have one still and I understand the function. Bad troll thread.
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The house I live in is pretty big, so I couldn't imagine not having at least a few phones around the house.

Location: Dubai.

Ah. That explains that.

To be honest back at home home (as in my Dad's house), we have landlines. If there's only one bill-payer in the house it can make sense, as it can be cheaper to use the landline than a mobile.
I have a phone line with my internet package, but I don't have a house phone.
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