Hi, Could you guys give me some suggestions for some good guitar driven rock? Something with good riffs, clear vocals, and guitars and drums, that are out front and a really driving sound. I'm usually big on metal and hard rock but I'm not looking for that. Old and new stuff ,along the lines of CCR, Social Distortion, Matt Mays, etc., would be good. I tried Last fm and got 3 responses about pretentious artsy fartsy indie bands. Thanks
Biffy clyro, Royal Republic, danko jones, the hives, the white stripes, johnossi are some that comes to mind.
Beatles-rolling Stones-the Who-the Kinks-the 60's.only Band I Even Heard Was Ccr -great Songs.
Fugazi might be your cup of tea, also check out Butthole Surfers, Kyuss, Meat Puppets, Subhumans and Eels.

Gonna go ahead and assume you already know all the classic bands, so went with somewhat punky/alternative stuff; which I tend to find truer to the spirit of creativity present in classic rock, not just worship music like many other bands from the 80s up until now.
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The Gaslight Anthem - The '59 Sound

the whole album really
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Thanks to the people who posted so far. There have been some great suggestions expect for Cheesepuff's which was quite pretentious. haha. Royal Republic is good. Probably wouldn't have found them otherwise. Keep them coming.
Those pretentious artsy fartsy indie bands are likely pretty great if you give them a chance.

You should give the new Soundgarden album a listen though for what you want. As well as their older stuff, but King Animal sounds most like what you're looking for.
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Some more bands that comes to mind are Turbowolf, Arctic Monkeys, The subways, Mustasch, Hide the knives, CKY, The hellacopters, Dark new day and Backyard babies. That should keep you busy for a while!
Foo Fighters, Green Day, Pearl Jam, Counting Crows, Gin Blossoms, are all great bands.