I want this to be perfect as much as possible. It will be my wedding proposal song/wedding song for my girlfriend. She never had her first dance yet. I'm planning to use this song as her first dance on our wedding. Actually, I'm still debating if this will be a proposal song or maybe use it on both. Still thinking how to pull the trigger.

But for now, I'm open for any comments/suggestion to further improve this simple acoustic song that I've written. C4C! Thanks!
i like the progression, but dont take this in a bad way, but i cant stand your voice
I on the other hand like it no offense to mark, difference in taste, good job mate.
The guitar was nice. I am in between their opinions, I don't think you have a great voice, but it's not horrible. Stop singing through your nose, do it through your chest. Sing a phrase while feeling your nose or even around it, and if it's buzzing too much that's bad. Also, when you breathe, do so through your stomach and not your chest. The lyrics were better than average.
Nicely constructed, but I'd agree you need to stop being as nasal, this will come over time I had exactly the same problem.Also work on your breathing. Whilst your voice isn't the best (its not bad either, just has abit of room for improvement)I'm sure your fiancé will really appreciate and love this song.

I like your vocal phrasing and some of the note choices too, with abit of vocal work this could be a really really awesome song.

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Audio quality could be better on the guitar (lots of unwanted noise). Most of the vocals are good, though occasionally pitchy. I would think she'll be touched by the song, if you tell her you wrote it for her before you play it. I would make sure it's OK with your girlfriend/fiance that this song gets played at your wedding. She may not want to, so don't be offended if she doesn't want to. Females can be very picky as to what happens at their wedding/reception, so don't take it too personal. The song writing is nice. Please review my music at this link:

Thanks everyone! Those comments are helpful. I'll re-record it and watch may voice a little bit and take your notes into consideration. Hopefully I can record this in a profession studio soon.

@aaron_aardvark. Thanks for the advice man! I was hoping to surprise her so I might use this as a proposal. I'm getting more excited to pull the trigger very soon.

C4C in coming! Thanks again everyone! Cheers!