Hello! i have a strat (copy) with HSS pickups. The humbucker is high output schaller and i like this pickup allot. the problem is that the two single coils are too quiet, too low output. what single coils should i buy to fitt them with this wild humbucker? sorry for my english!
If you want to keep the single coil sound and just want more output, try the Seymour Duncan Custom Stack Plus.

If you want a little more bass and output to match the humbucker better, try the Hot Stack Plus.

If you want more bass, more output and a smoother sound, go for the Seymour Duncan Hot Stack (not the 'Plus' version).

If you want a complete humbucker sound in a single coil size, use the Hot Rails (very, very high output) or Little 59 (normal humbucker output).

What I would use, personally, would be a Hot Stack for the neck and Custom Stack Plus for the middle, so you get some variety.
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