hey guys:
I'm going to imrovpe my guitar playing and improvising:
so I'm willing to start learning new songs but.....
which guitarist is more inspirational and could help improvise better and make my melodic playing better by learning his songs?
I'm not talking about helping me play better technically, I can do most of the techniques
very well actually.
they're both great guitarist but which one would help me be a better melodic player?
Which one do you like more? Learn that one. Or even better, are there guitarist you like better than those two? learn those.

Melodic playing is not exclusive to some guitarists, and people have different opinions on what "melodic playing" is. Some people say satch is the most melodic player in the world, other say he's the furthest from it.

If you want to sound melodic, work on your ear. Play a chord or a series of chords and try to imagine a melodic phrase being played on top of that, then work on getting that phrase out on the guitar. The reason Mr. Satriani and Mr. Petrucci are regarded as great melodic players is that they can do that, they are great at coming up with melodies on the spot.

So to answer your question. Study both and none, if that's what you like. Learn material you consider to be melodical and do it by ear. Learn from both of them if so be it, or if you find that none of them are melodic learn from someone you find to be melodic.
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Quote by MultiM
which guitarist is more inspirational and could help improvise better and make my melodic playing better by learning his songs?

I find the kind of mind that would think to ask this question but also think someone else could answer it immensely intriguing.

Seriously, you are the only person who can answer that question and as much as anything else saying that one or the other player is better or "more inspirational" when they both have so much material out there to choose from is madness.

Listen to as much as you can, pick a song and learn it.
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Neither are at all inspirational
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It's apples & oranges there, you should learn songs from both of them & combine that together with your own playing, get the best of both worlds, that'll make you a better player altogether.
So you're wanting to force influences upon yourself basically? That sounds like a terrible and illogical idea.
Satriani has played/plays in greater bands whose music is actually worth listening to.
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Guthrie Govan.

Not only is his playing beautiful but so is his personality. He just seems very humble.

I like that.
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