Hi guys,

I have a PRS SE Corvette which I bought a few years ago, it's been through a good amount of playing but due to changing preferences and new playing style it has just been lying around the house collecting dust.

I was thinking of selling it, it's in good condition, with just a tiny chip on the headstock and some wear on the bridge's metallic paint.

However whilst doing some research on the web I found there are ONLY 100 SE Corvette's out there (Limited Edition).

I'd probably got a good sale at around £200-£250, but would it be wiser to wait as it may go up in value over time as a collector's item??

Let me know what you guys think!
It's probably always going to be worth at least 200-250. It's not super special like the Jaguar Fender Strats, but it may raise a little bit. I doubt it will go much past the 300 mark. 350 at a push.
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