ive heard how the wizard necks are so fast and very easy playability, and somewhat similiar reviews for the stock neck on the damien 6 FR. the reviews on it though are pretty hit and miss and i dont have any experience with either neck/'s. the specs look fairly similiar. if anybody has any input, it would be appreciated.
Input on what? The playability of a neck is subjective, it really just depends on a persons preferences.
well, the opinions concerning wizard necks are pretty unanimous. while the neck on the schecter damien 6 not as much and the dimensions seem fairly even. im planning on buying a mid range guitar and its come between an rg series and the damien 6 FR and i believe the neck will be the tie breaker. so im looking for input on peoples personal opinions from people who have physical experience. preferably with both necks, because as i said i do not.
I can't play on Wizard necks because they're so thin they don't support my hands properly and my hands cramp up. Lots of people will tell you that the thinner the neck is the better and that you somehow can't play quickly on a thick neck, but Slash, Zakk Wylde, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and Doug Aldrich sure don't have any problems playing quickly on thick necks.

Playability is all about comfort. The more comfortable your hand is, the easier, quicker and more precisely it can move around. Some people find thin necks are the most comfortable. Others prefer thick ones. Many people prefer something in the middle. Shape matters, too; if you liek to play with your thumb behind the neck then you'll probably prefer a flatter shape while if you play with your thumb on top of the neck then you'll likely prefer a rounder or even slightly V-shape neck.

Lastly of course, it's down to technique. Steve Vai shreds on Ibanz necks, but it's not like if he picked up a Fender Strat or Gibson Les Paul he'd suddenly play like a total amateur. He'd rip those fretboards up just as well as he does on his Ibanez, because he's ****ing Steve Vai and his technique is razor sharp.

The main reason why you get so many (some would argue, overly) positive reviews of Ibanez necks is because their main customer base is younger players, typically those with smaller hands. They're always going to prefer a smaller neck. Ask someone with larger hands and they'll probably like a larger neck and complain about the Ibanez.

As it so happens, the Damien neck and the common Wizard neck on most Ibanez guitars of the same price range are very, very similar. The Schecter's neck is about 0.6mm thicker across the full length, and is also rounder; the middle sticks out more (giving the very slight bump in thickness) but the shoulders are thinner. Conversel the Ibanez is about 0.6mm thinner and has a flatter contour with a smaller middle and larger shoulders.

Really, the only way you can tell what is right for you is to try them out.
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thx for the advice. i hadnt considered ibanez having a large demographic in younger players. being played by people like vai and satriani, i guess they pretty much market themselves as shred machines. thx again.
I have big hands and love The wizard neck. They are not only thin, the neck is wide (edge to edge on the fretboard). Seems like I have more room and I like that. I recently pulled out my LTD Viper that has the thin U neck and it seems small to me.