I have a crap strat that I recently got. I like it and I don't want much from it but I do want it to at least stay in tune a little. What are some good tuners to use? If possible I would like to just replace my old ones without having to mod the holes. Thanks.
There's no universal hole size; we can't know what will fit your guitar if you don't tell us exactly what model of guitar it is.

Also, changing tuners may not fix tuning issues. Most tuning problems are down to user error, not hardware. Even the cheapest of Strat copies can stay in tune if it's treated right. You have ot be very unlucky to get a guitar which has fundamental problems staying in tune. Even then, especially with Strats, tuning problems are more often caused by the nut, string retainers and bridge. People are far too quick to blame their tuners.

That said, if you insist on changing tuners—and not knowing what will fit your guitar exactly—the very best tuners on the market are the Planet Waves Auto-Trim. After that, they're pretty much all the same. Anything made by the big brands like Gotoh, Grover, Kluson, Schaller, Fender or Sperzel will be fine.
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a couple things.

Pics of the backs of the tuners would be great. Position of the screw holes.

I suggest getting a caliper like so

measure the hole size, and find a "suitable" replacement.

Suitability is subjective to your needs in all honesty. Like if you have tuning issues because the machines would rotate on bends, get locking if you want.


edit: I'd start with a new nut, cheaper and will help with tuning just as much or more than a tuner upgrade will do
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