I like it already, damn its catchy. First off, sick riff. Thats what constitutes hard rock.

My jaw kinda dropped after the first 20 seconds of your awesome solo. Thats some pretty quick soloing your doing, I'd love to learn how to play like that. I almost wish you would let the riffs come out a bit more or bring up the bass at some sections. I know its an improv but letting that riff shine would be great because its worthy of some 'alone time' in the track. But shit, thats some awesome soloing. Seriously, you must have been playing a mad long time cuz its pretty impressive.

Loving the breakdown around 2:30. Gives the track some time to catch its breath so to speak before punching the listener in the face with righteous soloing. You even employ some sick tapping! If anything its the best hard rock song I've heard on Soundcloud or on this forum. You get a 10/10 for this piece. Nice job man.

My tracks won't compare to much to yours, I've only been playing three years but I'm more of a riff oriented person and I haven't recorded many improvised solos. But give em a listen, I have three tracks up.

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Badass man, tone sounded great, a little more delay coulda helped in my opinion, but besides that it sounded really good. Playing was cool too, you are good at doing one shot solos apparently! I would have put a little more gain on the rhythm channel too, but just a little bit. All in all it was really good man! Check out a few songs from my bands new CD?
Playing was nice and I liked the parts where the chords in the background changed (for example at around 1 minute).

But I think it lacked dynamics - the riffs behind were awesome and I think you could have taken advantage of them. Maybe use a diversity of rhythms in your soloing (not just 16ths all the time, play some long notes) - and most importantly - have some breaks. Have some parts where you don't play anything, for example at 2:24 when there's a new riff and kind of quieter part. It would have sounded better with no solo over the first repeats of the riff and after that a crazy shred solo. It would have been awesome that way. Dynamics make awesome parts stand out. If it's just 16ths all the time, people won't notice the most awesome parts.

Try to find a melody that you repeat and base your improvisation on it. That way it will sound more like a song and not just a backing track that you shred over.

I know it was just one take so maybe start developing it. More dynamics - sometimes playing nothing sounds great, it leaves more space to the other instruments and makes your riffs sound more powerful.

Here's my song, check it out.

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