What are some of the coolest merch items you've seen from bands? And are stickers a good promotional thing to have for a band or just cds and shirts?

Also is PAYING for facebook promotion on their website cheating or?
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Also is PAYING for facebook promotion on their website cheating or?
What. Again with this? Why not just keep it in your other thread?

OT: Eh. I like some band merch, but there's never really been one that absolutely wowed me into buying it or anything.
Maybe except for this:

They came to my local mall so I went and bought this shirt. Got it signed too. By far the best shirt they've ever sold. Can't find it anywhere anymore. Real cool dudes, too.

Edit: Oh, and this:
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The Acacia Strain's crew neck that had a picture of bald Britney Spears with an upside down cross carved on her forehead.
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I would say just CDs and shirts. You can have stickers but they gotta be free.

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Shirts and CDs/Vinyl (limited runs of vinyl are very popular with people who collect that stuff). Make pins and give em out free. Stickers are good too. They should be cheap, like a dollar, but if someone buys something else feel free to give them one for nothing.

Also, if you can figure out a fun, unique thing to sell as merch that can sometimes be fun.
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bookmarks :3

actually, I'd totally buy that. I'm always wearing out my bookmarks with the terrible way I treat books i'm reading.

Much better priced I'd guess compared to the other crap. I mean t-shirts are £25 now, wtf, even at low key gigs.

at this one devin townsend gig they were selling hq prints of album covers on card or a metal sheet. I only had enough cash for the metal one and the queue/crowd was so huge to get in and out of I couldn't be asked to go to a cash point and come back for a card print. Now most places have the sense to keep handheld card machines handy (because who the hell carries £40 in cash just for a hoodie!)

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I will almost always buy the vinyl of the new album of band I'm seeing... that is if I don't have it already. I'm also a sucker for posters/key chains.

It actually encourages you to bring whiskey to shows.

Murder by Death came out with red one piece Longjohn/pajamas that were pretty sweet.
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