So I am trying to decide between the fender mim strat and the squier vintage modified jaguar. Both guitars will fit my style just fine but I would like to put more money into a good amp and have a cheaper guitar. I have heard a lot of good things about the squier jag despite its brand and I am aware of the bridge problem which I am willing to fix. However it is a squier and I am not sure if the quality will be good enough. Would it be better to go with a strat and have a significant amount of money cut out of my amp budget? I should mention that I will not be gigging with and it will just be for home use and an occasional jam session with friends. I have an epi LP ( and a wimpy ss amp) but I dont feel that it fits my style at all. I would appreciate your opinion, thanks!
I am in the Seattle wa area. My budget for the guitar is about 250-350. I would really like getting a new guitar which is the main reason the jag is so tempting, I can get it new for about 300 while I could get the strat used for about that same price. Also most sales don't apply to used gear so I could get the jag for even cheaper on sale. The amp that I am planning on getting is the fender super champ x2. A plus about this amp and the jaguar is that I could get them both in seafoam green which would look pretty awesome imo. And I do slightly prefer the jaguar body to the strat body. But my main concern is about quality, not looks.
Gotcha, well, the Jag should run you less than $300 with any online dealer that honors the 15% off that MF runs all the time. I've got a couple Jags, the MIM Fender CP and the Japanese HH - I love the scale and find the body to be insanely comfortable. I also like the circuitry, but not all people dig that stuff. Have you played the Jag?

Basically, with my VM Jazzmaster at least, it needed the bridge upgrade, a better nut, and will probably get a pot-swap at some point. That said, it's a fun guitar and easy to play. Quality wise, it isn't quite on par with the build quality of my MIM's or MIJ Fenders, but at the price, I can't expect it to be.

You're looking at single coils - have you looked at Tele's? I'm possibly snagging a G&L ASAT Tribute Special for $285 this week. The G&L Tribute series will be on par with the MIM Fender (mostly), and runs about the same price. Take a peek at those too.
I have tried teles, and I really love their neck pick ups but I feel like they are more aimed at country style music and I really dislike the bridge pickup. I would want something for alternative/indie rock. My favorite band is the shins but I also like surf rock and really creamy cleans. I definitely want single coils. If you have any other suggestions id be hapy to hear them but I am pretty sure that either the jag or the strat is what I want. I haven't played a jag yet but I know how their quirky settings work and I'm cool with it.
Check out the G&L Tribute line - they have some Strats, and the G&L Tele (I bought today)
has wide single coils; something like a P90 with a little more spank and a little less growl.
The Jag is cool, man, I wouldn't turn you away from that. In fact, my HH Jag is my favorite guitar to play, the body and neck are just perfect for me.
The tele with p90 style pickups looks sweet! I think I am going to get the jaguar though. Maybe I'll get a telecaster for my next guitar. Thanks for your help I really appreciate it! It might be a couple weeks before I am able to pick up the guitar but once I do I'll say what I think of it. Thanks again!
It is! Definitely try to snag the Tele used on your next round, G&L doesn't seem to retain it's value as well as Fender. Post a new guitar day thread when you get it, with lots of pictures! Enjoy it, and I'm happy to help