So I want to get back into classical guitar, but I have a problem with my "A" finger nail. My "I" finger has a rounded nail, so I can easily pluck a string, but my "A" finger has kind of a flat shaped nail. I can't get a good tone with my A finger. I'd have to grow it out an obscene amount just to pass my fingertip, and even then I'd have to round it off to match my other fingers.

Anyway, I've heard of false nails or something that can be used? Or perhaps fingerpicks, but I don't know if those are going to have good tone when playing a classical. My other option is to just play with my fingertips, but it's really difficult to play tremolo parts clearly. Does anyone have any input as to what the best course of action would be? What brands/types of nails/picks are good? Where the fack do I even get them?

Also, would string tension affect the clarity and loudness of tremolo? I imagine a lower tension might be better for playing with fingertips, while a higher tension might be better for nails. Just a thought...

And I know there's a forum section for strings, but it says "invalid thread specified." Could anyone recommend some good classical strings around the 20 dollar range? Maybe less if they're good quality.
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