Supposing that I am "making" a tab for Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad? by Derek and the Dominos' solo and I need to decide where to play a certain part on the neck. Does it make a huge difference besides the tone from the string?

Granted that I'm just figuring out the solo by ear and don't actually plan on tabbing it out (cuz I'm lazy), I just thought that this is a relevant forum to put it. Granted that the solo starts closer to Am pentatonic between 12 and 15 but this lick seems more natural to play between 17 and 20. Should it be played like this:

e--15p12-----15p12-- [Repeated a few times]

or like this:

e--------------------------- [Repeated a few times]

Tl;Dr: Where should that lick I tabbed be played if the solo beforehand starts closer to the 12th fret but I prefer playing that lick at the 17th fret?
When that stuff happens I usually just try to look at live videos. Or just play however is most comfortable to me and is easier to transition. In the end nothing is set and stone and it doesn't really matter. The way an artist plays may not be the most efficient way anyways.
Since you're not actually tabbing, I'd say whatever works for you and feels best - doesn't matter much unless you're virtually trying to copy the exact tone of the solo. If you want to play it like the original guitarist, you'd have to listen really closely for cues on where he's at (tone, the tiniest movements/slides etc)

If writing a tab, I'd generally try to tab with smallest movement/travel distance unless fretting is obvious. Usually lead guitarists like to move around a lot while soloing and not necessarily play the notes the easiest way, this is just something that's gonna be hard/near impossible to accurately tab out with confidence. Just keep in mind other options of playing something and find your own way of playing it, that goes for using tab in general.
I would play that down at the 12th. I don't really play much on the very last frets unless I really have to.
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Thanks for the answers, I suppose I'll stick to what I've been doing.
I will admit that it is much easier since EC decided to only use the minor pentatonic scale with added 9ths in there.