I need a diagram for a hhs with a 5sqweek way switch. Thats a hunbucker bridge and middle ans neck singl coil. Ltd sc 500. Please help i cant find anything with this configuration.....
i want original
I can find diagrams for a hsh or hss but not the hhs that I need. does anyone atleast know what the positions on a Stephen carpenter pickup selector do? are they parrelled in 3?
Just wire a it like regular three pickup strat. You Should be fine. Don't over complicate it.


You should be able to figure out what you want, from that drawing.
thanks for the response...the switch is a five way import designed. I should just cross reference the witches? I bought this used and guy took all stock pickups so Im putting quality stuff in there but I don't know how an esp sig of this should work. I don't know if the original esp takes advantage of the 4 wire conductors
it doesn't seem to be acting right it seems as though the middle pu stays on bridge to first lug middle to 2 lug neck to 3 lug and volume to 4th and 5th lug. 6th 7th and 8th lug I left bare