Hey all first post here,

I have been playing guitar for 15 years now and shredding for about 11. I am looking to buy a new electric guitar (6 or 7 string). I haven't bought a new electric in about 10 years now, money has been tight during that time raising 2 kids but now I have the career ball rolling and the kids are fed!

I'm looking to spend no more that 2k

I mostly play Metal (megadeth, trivium)

So please lay all suggestions on me!
This is gg&a not electric guitar so what is is your amp?
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im not sure what specific specs you have on a guitar, but you can do the ussual guitar center run, ibanez, jackson, schecter, etc. keep in mind charvel?

i would check out carvin. for about 800 you get a build better than most 2x the price. some gripe on pickups or wiring but for a few hundred more you can even customize or replace all that....you can never change build quality.

1500-2k in a carvin will be unmatched by about 95% of guitar brands out there.

...ill keep thinking on unique choices.
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