Ernie Ball have these four top-selling kind of strings. Nickel Wound, Cobalt, Titanium RPS and Pure Nickel. I just wonder, what is the difference of these strings to other ones? What I've heard is Cobalt is brighter than the Nickel ones, the Pure Nickel is warmer than any of these and I don't know about the Titanium RPS, what I know is just it has this reinforced technology or string quality improvisation stuff in it, I don't know if it's just a marketing gimmick. So, to the experts on this kind of stuff, what is the difference?
this is really something that could have been answered with a 30 second google search.

having said that, i use d'addario nickel blues.

if you are wondering what strings you want, buy a few sets, see what you like. they are $5 a pack, not a large investment and you find what is right for you.
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i didnt care for the feel of the cobalts, i used to love the titaniums but i play with a set of 12's and they only make them up to 11's.

right now i'm using the dunlop heavy core's and they are definately some of my favorites at the moment
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