I have an American Standard Strat, a TS9 Tubescreamer, and a Peavey Classic 30 amp. When I turn the amp volume all the way up on the clean channel, set the Tubescreamer to 0 Gain and about 12:00 Level, and turn my guitar volume knob down to 3, I can sometimes hear static. It's usually when I hit the strings really hard, especially the low E, or chords on the B and high E strings. The static only lasts a split second when I hit those strings. It doesn't happen all the time.

With the volume and Tubescreamer set that high, I can hear static when I turn the volume control knob.

Is it the preamp that's boosting static I wouldn't otherwise hear, or do you think I have a bad volume pot or loose connection?

Replies much appreciated.
My money would be on the guitar's pot. Have you tried another guitar?
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first try a different guitar and cable eliminate everything from chain and add it back one by one.

another thought if the above may not work, make sure your tubes are properly seated, and that the pins are tight enough. i have had that happen on one or two amps (can't remember at the moment), both had the tubes facing down (think combo amp controls on side/angle), just rattle a bit loose.
Thanks for the replies. I tried my other guitar, and that didn't do it. I started with just one cable, checked both guitars, tried another cable and both guitars, added the TS then both guitars, but nothing. I played both hard, but nothing.

Then I noticed that when I'm strumming hard across all the strings (which I do a lot) that I often hit the knuckle of my little finger on the volume pot. When I did that a few times, I got static on the American Standard Strat. It would go away if I rotated the knob a few times. My frequent rapping on that knob must have done a little damage to the guts of the control or the connections.

I guess I'll have to put one of the spare volume/tone pots in it. I have to change out strings anyway.