Right now I have a marshall ma100 head running through a marshall4x12 cab but I was wondering if it is possible to simultaneously run it through a vox ac30vr 2x12 combo amp? Right now I am running them both with a tonebone a/b/y selector but am getting a loud hiss out of both of them. The marshall ma head has a hole for 1x16ohms that I have connected to the hole for the 4x12 cab that is also 16ohms. The head also has two other holes that read 1x8ohms or 2x16ohms and the vox's output hole says it's 8ohms but if connected will mute the internal speakers. Is there anyway I can make this work? Or could I plug the vox's input into the marshalls fx return loop?
Not together, you need either a total impedance of 16, or 8 ohms, which can be achieved by the 2X16 ohm spots USED AT THE SAME TIME WITH TWO 16 OHM CABS, the one 8 ohm spot, or the 16 ohm spot with their corresponding cabs.
The FX return will also not work because you're disconnection your marshalls pre-amp from the power amp and therefore that amp will not output.
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can't you try a different a/b/y pedal or isn't that the source of the hiss you describe?