Alright. I have an RG 1570 and don't like the tone of basswood really anymore, but everything else is fine. I did love the tone of the ICT700(iceman) that I had, but that has a much thicker body and neck (reason I sold, heel came out to 12th fret) than the 5470 I plan to buy. So is there any reason I shouldn't get this guitar, being that I cant try before I buy.
it has a really thin body which to some is off putting (i personally love it)

im not sure which pick ups come on it but in general ibanez pick ups are to be replaced for the best tone from the guitar

thats about all i can think of right now
I have the S5470F and I personally love it. I'm normally a Gibson Les Paul guy, but the 5470 is the first thin-necked guitar that I have found that plays amazing. Its seriously effortless to play. I even sold a ebmm JP signature to fund it because I found the aforementioned guitar to uncomfortable to play (weird knob and toggle placement, awkward truss system). The stock pickups are OK in the Ibanez (I still have mine in) but I play to swap them for some dimarzios in the near future. Anyway, I say buy it. Like immediately. You wont regret it.
What gives me wood:

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As others have said this is a great guitar that you won't regret buying
People have failed to mention the trem on it so I'll pitch in and add it is very high quality, miles away from the infamous Edge 3 :-)
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That's good to hear. Could you post a pic of it if possible? Especially if it's the blue one. I've noticed with the premium rgs, they're a lot brighter online in pics than they are in person. I'd appreciate it if you could post one, regardless of color.
Think shredder3386 pretty much summed it up, i spent near enough all of my money on mine when i was 17 and even though i'm now a lowly student i'd do it again in an instant, i was unable to try one before buying it either but it was worth the risk because i'm still yet to play anything that to me feels as nice. So I second the motion to go for it!
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I bought the viking red one, but had to take it back because of horrible sustain on the middle of the neck. I then got a new one, but it had the exact same issue. Then I bought an ESP instead.