So i have a couple of things for sale or for trade.

JCM600 Halfstack:
50 Watts (but don't worry, very loud)
Full Valve
Footswitch, power supply and speaker cable are provided.
The Head also has a Leather padded case.

The cab is a 4x10 which is odd i know for guitar amps but it sounds lovely and is a 16ohm output.

Dean Gears of War VMNT:
This is the Dave Mustaine Signature Guitar from Dean, its not the Low end version, its a very high quality guitar (Not the USA Model though).

24 Frets
Seymour Duncan Blackout Pickups (Active)
Gears of War artwork on the front.

This guitar is in great condition, there is some slight wear to the bridge but other than that its completely fine.

Comes with a Dean Hardcase and will be re strung and cleaned before sold/traded.

JCM600: £4-500
Dean: £400

Alternatively i'm looking for a 4x12 Guitar Cab. Ideally the Marshall 1960A (angled)
But im open to other cabs.

Also willing to trade one of the items for a guitar, No strats or floyd rose equipped guitars however

This will have to be collection or i can arrange to travel to meet you a short distance.
I'm in Northamptonshire, England.

I'll upload pics in a bit.

Any questions please ask