That was really good, I enjoyed the mellow part best, nice harmonies on the leads. Missing something though, vocals I guess would help a lot, anyways...great job!
Well I liked it (Y)
The rhythm wasn't so catchy to be honest but once the melodies started it turned thee whole track
And very clean sweeping .. Wtg buddy (Y)

Annd gotaa say that the tone was freakin awesome !!
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Pretty nice. Yeah, the riffing parts sound a bit empty. Add vocals or a guitar melody over the part that starts at 0:40 (I think vocals would fit it better). Your solos were really nice. I also liked the clean part and the outro was cool, very Metallica influenced. I just wish you had continued the clean part solo over the last distorted part. It could have been really emotional solo with lots of long, sustained high notes, bends and vibrato.

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Great technique. Not really my taste but no matter. The intro had a nice build up, kind of a smooth harmony sequence until the drums/bass kicked in, really liked that. Feel like the riffs (around the 50s+ mark) need a little punch, just a little thin. Very clean playing throughout, the sweeps were stellar and all the harmony licks were very cool. A*
Thanks for your comments on my instrumental Hallelujah cover. It means a lot and after watching your video, the comments mean even more. It's really a great song you've composed. I absolutely loved it. It has sections reminding me of both Megadeth, Metallica and Opeth. I don't have anything bad to say really - maybe the sound quality good be a bit better, but other than that - AWESOME!