So what does the UG community think of Linkin Park? I remembered them today when i was going through my old playlist on my ipod. They have some pretty epic songs like Numb, Breaking The Habit, Papercut, What I've Done, and more. [Didn't really like theyre Living Things album]. So, what do you guys think of LP?
I'm sure these guys have a thread in Modern Rock.
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I don't know anyone my age who didn't at one time own Hybrid Theory
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I hadn't listened to them in a few years, but I put Hybrid Theory on the other day and loved every track
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When I started getting into music during the early 2000s, I remember listening to linkin park.
I really used to love LP back in middle school and early high school, but my taste refined and I moved more towards prog and metal. Now I get bored listening to them. IMO their guitarist doesn't try too hard but their drummer is pretty cool. I've pretty much hated everything after meteora.
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