I am not too informed I guess you could say when it comes to Martin guitar models besides their Dreadnaughts and D-30, D-50s, etc.

My brother's girlfriend's dad. I am good friends with him now, he has been playing over 35 years now and a while back his friend sold him a Martin D-30 for......wait for it..... $300 o_o.

Yeah . Anyways... I LOVE it. I have played both Martins and high end Gibson acoustics. My best friend has a Gibson Hummingbird which plays amazingly and beautiful, but I think my sound lies more in Martin.

But I don't want to spend a ton on an acoustic , but I do want a nice one that I would want to play and would have very great sound, action, etc. that is a Martin. Being used or not would not bother me.

Which models should I look into that are in the range over $500-$800 or so ? I am not looking to spend 4 figures on an acoustic, basically under $1k.

The X series, the 1 series, maybe the 15/16 series, those are the ones you'll want to look for. I'd at least go for the 1 series, since those have solid backs/sides. The X series doesn't...