-Green Switch Tip
-V8 pickup from 1570
-pot from 1570
-string retainer/screws from 1570
-LEFTY: rear output jack cavity cover from 1570L x2
-LEFTY: rear electronics cavity cover from 1570

-claw/screws from 7620
-original block from Lo Pro Edge 7 from 7620 (block only)
-LEFTY: RG7420L wood block to block the trem, not perfect but worked fine
-LEFTY: RG7420L Tremolo Bridge with whammy bar in great condition.

-Dimarzio-style Black Volume Knob (white lettering)
-Dimarzio-style Black Tone Knob (white lettering)
-Dimarzio-style Black Tone Knob (white lettering) (doesn't match the two above)
-Stew Mac Chrome String Retainer Bar for Floyd Rose
-Fender white switch tip x3
-LEFTY: Fender Reissue Tuners/screws from USA Strat x6 (Slight Relic)

Ibanez RG2120 Parted Out - Prestige Case

The case is for sale now. I will be parting out and selling the entire guitar except the electronics and piezo components in the next couple of months. I will be selling the stock magnetic mickups and the Edge Pro Bridge with saddles (piezo crystals removed) as well.

Please PM me if you are interested.