Hello! So, I've been playing the electric guitar for about 3 years. So, I'm not sure what am I doing wrong. So... When I'm trying to play Barre chords it just sometimes fails.. Usually it's the high E. Sometimes it just won't play. And this happens pretty often. It's also hard for me, to use my pinkie in pull-offs. And it's very hard to do slides with my pinkie, with other fingers it works perfectly.

Well, in 21 Guns by Green Day, the starting comes with a slight problem sometimes, not always. When I'm playing it: Db, A#, F, C when the note "F" comes, sometimes the high E string won't play. Well, I just think that I need to practise more. (I'm playing the F as a Barre chord)

Here's a pic. The quality is bad but it should tell something.

The pinkie is small and just slightly crooked. And in the pic, I have held the pinkie in "a bad position" so it would look "even more slight" if I had held it properly.
So what do you think about this? Should this affect alot? Should I worry about this?
It's still possible for me to learn barre chords perfectly if I've got the interest?