I thought i was ready to apply the clear coat ...


I've gone up 400-800-1200 and heavy 2000 grit. It feels perfectly flat and smooth but the swirls(right word?) continue to bug me.

Is removal of all of the swirls necessary when applying clear? If so, how should I remove them?
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You shouldnt have gone that high before applying the clear coat. You shouldnt go higher than 800 grit before applying clear coat.
Those scratches will go away with the clear coat. But since you sanded it to such high grit, it is probably going to run really easily and have adhesion issues.

Also, you didnt do a very good job of going up in grade. Because i can still see shiny spots of orange peel you didnt get out first.
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As Luis mentioned, 2000 grit is only really for sanding once all the coats have been applied. You need to use the lower grades, 400 to 800, for sanding between coats. Make it so the surface is even, but not shiny. Once you've done all the coats and got the surface nice and even, you can then use the very fine paper and finally finish up with some polish, that's how you get the shine.

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