I m really curious, read some where and heard from mate that 25,5 guitars shouldnt be tuned lower than A# standard. Is there a specific reason to not tune lower? I dont get this really
I don't think it's true because i was able to play in Drop G on my 25.5 scale guitar with the right strings and it sounded fine.
Considering you can always increase the gauge to compensate, that doesn't make sense to me.

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Its not like anything prevents you from doing that, but it requires a huge-ass strings and it may not sound as clear though pickups do play a big role in that. Anyway I have 13-65 (I prefer heavy bottoms) gauge strings on my cheap LTD and its just right for Drop A in tension. For Drop G I think I'd have to start using bass strings if I wanted the same tension. It just becomes pain in the ass and longer scale would sound better anyway on those tunings.

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The only problem you can encounter is when you get into really heavier gauges some guitars will need to have the grooves in the nut made larger to accomodate larger than usual strings. Filiing them down possibly.
I had same in mind guys, dont egt these opinions form people i heard before. Generaly mi LTd is tuned to A standard mostly.