Hello All!
I need some help with my National Electric. This is the one that has 4 sliders that control Volume and Tone for each pickup. I have standard 2 wire pickups.
I can't seem to add the switch in this. The switch is a 4 connector SPST (up for neck, down for bridge).

Maybe someone here has one of these and can take a picture of the wiring. I'll try to get a drawing of what I got going.
It should be noted that I got this about 5 years ago, and someone had tried to put a 3rd pickup on this but stopped, so it was a wreck when I got it.
Thanks for the help and info.
Okay here's what I got going.


I have the pickup's grounded in the loop

Not sure where to put the switch into this. Hell, I might have the pickups going in on the wrong place.

NC===not connected. I'm sure of that.
Cap's are correct.
Ground Loop is correct.

Thanks for any help