Hey guys. I've previously posted about needing a new amp for cleans for recording typical metal cleans (ie. BFMV and KsE cleans) in a home studio. I was recommended the Roland JC-120 amp as it is the "industry standard" for cleans.

However, I looked at my Roland Cube 30X sitting beside me and I remembered that the clean channel is meant to modeled after the JC-120. My question is: how comparable are the cleans? Is it worth buying a 'JC' amp, or should I stick with the clean channel on my Cube?

Cheers guys

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i am not familiar with the cube models, but JC120s are big miracle boxes. they just have stunning cleans and as far as cleans go for metal there is a reason why they are continually used.
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Great amps, greta cleans. Some people feel they are somewhat "sterile" when compared with tube amps but they are just neutral, lacking the colouration of tube amps. I like this. As the bloke above me said the cleans are stunning man. and they are a great long term investment too!
The big Cubes do a pretty good impression of the JC120. The 30 isn't a bad facsimilie either really but the bigger ones are better at it. If you are gigging and specifically want the JC sound then I'd go for a real Jazz Chorus or at least one of the big cubes.
You may want to scan CL and ebay for a JC60 too. They are basically one half of a JC120.
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I read somewhere that Metallica used JC for cleans. If it's good enough for them, I guess it's should be good for you too.