I can't really find an example of what I'm trying to do but hopefully someone in here has messed around and figured out something similar.

I want to add some kind of effect to a song I've recorded to make it feel like the track is moving backwards (when it really isn't). I don't really mean like flipping the tracks into reverse, more like a reverse reverb or something? I'm kinda imagining it to be 'dreamy' sounding. Any help/examples?
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Hmmm, I don't know what you're grasping at.

The only thing I could come up with is this little trick that it will sound like played backwards if you change the timing of the snare like Gavin Harrison does here:

But I would suggest you to fiddle around with reverse reverbs and reverse delays to get it. You could also try recording only the reverb (don't know what DAW you're using but it's possible with almost any) and if you have a reverb of let's say 1,4 sec you put it 1,6 - 1,2 sec in advance.
Reverse the track, add the reverb/delay or whatever, and then flip the track back around.
Jimmy Page has used this technique before.
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Reverse the track, add the reverb/delay or whatever, and then flip the track back around.
Jimmy Page has used this technique before.

^this. First example that comes to mind is "Whole Lotta Love" towards the end of the song where the instruments break & it's just Robert Plant. "Way down inside" that part. Check it out & see if that's what you're talking about.
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Get an Rp500 multi effects pedal. It has a preset that'll clear that up for you.
An effective way to do that is :
1.record the part you want in reverse
2.reverse it with some software
3.Learn to play that reversed version (especially the timing, not the dynamics)
4.record step 3
5.reverse the recording in your software

See Petrucci's end solo in "Misunderstood" by Dream Theater: it is a good example of this principle.
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You can do it with a cassette 4-track if you can get your hands on one.What you do is record the part you want to reverse towards the end of one side of the tape,then flip the tape over and it will come out backwards on one of the tracks.
maybe watch these two videos:

look for the part where he talks about his rack effects (not sure if its in the first or second video... sorry) He talks about an effect that is sort of like a reverse reverb/delay that when you play it, it kind of sends it back at you like "guzoOONK"

that sounds like what you are referencing.

Also in the 2nd video he has a loop pedal that will reverse the track completely although you said that not what you are looking for, maybe listen to the way trey uses it and see if it would be useful for what you need..

hope this helps

EDIT: In fact, I believe this is what he uses for the backwards reverb/delay sound!


EDIT2: check this out as well!

he is using the alesis microverb 2

maybe read this as well:
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