Hi guys, time to read a novel!

I'm searching for a 7-string guitar, but not solely for metal. My two guitars were stolen recently which was a HUUUGE setback for me but I want to get back on the road again, faster, better, harder, stronger and with one string more.

I'm not completely sure whether I'll get one but I think I'm getting ready for it. Of course I'll have to practice a lot before fully mastering it but I'm in for it. Since the bassist of our band got a 5-string I'm writing more stuff in Standard with Dropped B (BADGBe) and sometimes I'm in need for that extra string to get a different voicing or bass note. I will not only chug the Low B (maybe the first week or so) so I'm looking for a nice clean warm sound for open chords or a clean line with delay eg. And heck, maybe even get a little bluesy sometimes..

Price range: Somewhat cheap (for a 7-string). About €550 - €850 ($700 - $1000 / £450 - 750) (The cheaper, the more likely I will also buy a 6-string)

Favorite music/artists: Primarily prog-rock and (prog)-metal. King Crimson, Porcupine Tree, Deftones, Mastodon, Amplifier, and on a side note Trentemøller and romantic/impressionism like Debussy. And yes I listen to Meshuggah and Animals as Leaders. I LISTEN to a lot of metal but PLAY prog-rock in my band and by myself.

Preferences: (passive) humbuckers, and I'm not so fond of heavy metal shapes (like Mockingbird or Flying V)

Will go used but are more interested in new.

I live in Holland and you can get pretty much any brand here.

Other gear: Some dirt cheap FX-pedals (god I love EHX) and Kustom The Defender single channel tube amp.
Inb4 I need a new amp: no I need a guitar cause I have no guitar now

My former guitar was a PRS SE which I loved to the death and I'm really interested in the 7-string line the SE has. Prices also start around my budget so. Also saw the Stephen Carpenter LTD model but there isn't really a neck-pick up so I'm a bit concerned about the warm cleans.

So UG, please serve my your finest suggestions!
I've heard good things about the PRS SE Custom 24 7 so definitely check that out.

A lot of people seem pretty happy with their Ibanez RG7421 (model number changes every year) so check them out as well. Most people change out the pickups though so there's a bit extra for that.

As far as I'm aware, the Agile 7 strings are alright, but, you can't try them which is a con. Main benefit of them is that there's a huge variety of specs that you can get.

LTD do nice 7 strings but they're all active pickups (unless you go for a signature series).

Schecters another popular one to check out, but again, more focused on active pickups.

Sterling by Musicman have some John Petrucci 7 strings that might be worth checking out too.

I'm sure there's tonnes of other brands too but this is what I can think of.
I've heard good of the PRS SE Cu24 7. Looks nice too. Classy.
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Quote by MaXiMuse
My former guitar was a PRS SE which I loved to the death and I'm really interested in the 7-string line the SE has. Prices also start around my budget so.

Sounds like you know what you want.
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I personally wouldn't get the CU24-7 (tee hee). Imo, the scale isn't quite long enough to handle the low B. I love my SE CU24 though, don't get me wrong. You could check out the LTD MH-417, or some kind of Ibanez 7. Depending on your tastes, you may want to swap out the pickups. Schecter has quite a few 7 string models as well, the neck are just on the bigger side between most brands. The build quality, on the Diamond series anyways, is pretty damn good, and they're made in MiK.
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one of the best seven strings ive ever played was a squire stagemaster 7, thin neck maybe thinner than a ibanez by the feel, truley amazing tone had one with a set neck was really nice easy access to the 24th fret
Well if you want to buy on the cheap, one of the Schecter SGR C-7's may suit. they are £200 but i've heard that they aren't too bad quality wise, and in the end, you can always upgrade parts of it due to it's low cost, for instance better pickups and maybe better tuners.

It could also give you the opportunity to buy a new 6 string too