Of Everything and Ghosts again

ye walk cross scraps, with just the fragments of the past to lay your eyes upon.
Thou'st harvest with tired boughs yet strong as a mammoth's rebirth.
To keep questions of why thy eyes seep?
Tis only a reaction
made reality once you set stones upon!

And it was that, the first Stonebridge experience I had.
Whence I held hands with air and walked amongst those phantom shades
procuring a similar aura like myself.
That I could finally just observe and
project into absent innocence, to stare at the gape of everything and ghosts again.

Thought they ever seemed to believe my stories.
I kept my distance-faith enduring with.
Till clear upon storms I saw, just how many people casually walked amongst them
sharing their radiance with one another, yet unaware of their waring presence.

But this is how it is, an peculiar age as of. If you witness through its windows now and before
that thus through these hours, will you still hold that someone unresolved?
Left for their constant perseverance, ever roaming in the bereft of afterlife?

Curtains reveal and applauds follow
For the ghosts on frolic fields
Where never seen again
Like a fuse smoulder in abyss
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If you're gonna go for the fake middle English thing, then you should know that it should be "Thou" not "Thee", perhaps even "thou'st" (you have) in this context.
All I want is for everyone to go to hell...
...It's the last place I was seen before I lost myself

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