ok so a few months ago I bought a used Godin Radiator and it has since become the guitar i enjoy to play the most so I've decided to give it some much needed attention,

basically if your not familiar with the Radiator its a chambered body covered in one large pickguard which you apparently can't get separately. i pulled this pic of the internet mine is the same finish (satin mirror)

anyways the previous owner really cranked the the screws in and the screw holes have minor cracks around them thats really bothering me because i love the guitar somuch
i have no idea what kind of material its made of but its about 1/16th thick.
i believe it may be some kind of celluloid given the other options available for the pickguard//faceplate.

I'd like to know what you guys think would be best to buy, and where to buy a sheet of material i can cut and sand (and preferably be able to countersink to use countersunk screws instead of the universal head it has now)


edit: also it doesnt have to match orginal finish, black or something would be fine! thanks!!
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ooo awesome site many thanks for the site link,
i think im going to buy a few sheets in some different styles to get creative...
it is a radiator after all