Intro was nice and pretty. The guitar riffs reminded me a bit of Fang Island. I'm not too sure how well the drums and stuff fit in with the guitar. I just feel like they have a different vibe to them and that they're too background-y so it makes it sound like you're consistently solo'ing over something instead of it being a structured song. I liked your guitar playing throughout though, it was always interesting.

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At first I thought it was going to be John Butler's Valley Acoustic Instrumental but it obviously is not haha. I thought you played very well, I am not into the "heavier" playing as much as I used to but this brought me back to the good ole days when I would jam out to Mark Tremonti and Adam Dutkiewicz. Nice job man!

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I really enjoyed it. I liked it so much that I'm listening to it for the second time at the moment
Really liked the guitar tone too!
I know this is an instrumental song but have you ever thought of turning this into a band song with a singer?
I think it could turn out pretty cool with some vocals over it!

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Loved the harmonized guitar lines, solid playing/technique.
I didn't really like the crash cymbal sounds though....it's samples right?
At first, I wasn't sure what to make of the part at 1:50, but then you started in with those riffs and then it all made sense :-) The kick drum sounds awesome there!
Overall, solid piece, I listened to it 3 times!
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Very interesting song and beat!
Good playing. You did a nice job!
The drums was kinda not really in the vibe of the song, imo they should be more dominant and more than just a beat or a rhythm. (Check out some portnoy stuff, i think that that style will fit here). Also Eq and compressor to make them punchier could help
The sound was a little bit dry and thin.
Awesome song and style, waiting to hear more like this

Check out my demo:
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