Hey UG this is a track I originally started around 4 months ago but never got around to finish n the track was so old when I went back to try and remake certain parts couldnt be deleted for some reason so I had to kinda work around that but anyway majority of this track was recorded back late january so as far as "my timing" it wasnt as tight as I could get it now but it's still a great track I think anyway hope you like

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Well, your timing in the beginning of the song really is off (unless that's the experimental part, haha ). The drums are cool, though.
The part starting from 2:29 sound like it could have been pretty cool, but again the timing is off. I like the overall sound of that part, though!
I think the song as a whole is a bit repetitive, and although you have some cool sounds in there, it's not really what I would call 'experimental'.
Where have I heard that drum beat before? I'm sure there's a song that uses exactly the same beat. But yeah, timing could be better in some parts. I like the overall feeling of the song. The picture you have there describes the song pretty well. The song could fit some kind of video game, I don't know if it reminds me of Half Life or something that had similar music in the background.

I don't care if it was repetitive like Soldier Poet said. It doesn't bother me because this is kind of "ambient music" (I don't remember which electronic music genre it would fit) that would fit some kind of video game as background music perfectly (if you just play it more accurately). It's not meant to progress that much.
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