Hi y'all, i'm looking for a new amp, preferably a tube combo. Let's get to the point.

Budget? - ± 1000 euro's. May be more, may be less.

Genres? - I play a lot of genres - from clean blues and rock like Dire Straits to stuff with heavy distortion like Guns n' Roses, but also things like Joe Satriani (think of thick saturated leads), Pink Floyd, AC/DC and a load of punk rock. Basically, i'm in search of an amp with some good cleans, but also with a good high-gain distortion. (I don't play a lot of metal; occasionally some stuff like Metallica but it's not my main genre)

New or Used? - I prefer new stuff.

Home or Gig? - I mostly play at home, although I don't have any neighbors in the direct vicinity so I actually can play quite loud. I don't play live very often, and I currently don't play in a band, but i'd like an amp that would be suitable for the task. I aim at around 50 watt.

Closest City? - I live in the Netherlands, and once i've found something suitable or worth looking for, I won't have any problems finding it.

Current Gear? - A Roland Cube 20xl and a Fender Frontman 212r.
I've bought the Frontman not too long ago and the clean is actually very good, but the distortion is quite shitty. And with 100w, it's just too loud. The Roland's clean is quite bad, has some decent distortion, but in the end it too is insufficient.

The guitars I play are a Fender Telecaster and an Epiphone Les Paul.

I hope i've provided you with enough information to help me find and choose a suitable new amp!
At first I was thinking JVM205C because the head is sooooo awesome! But that's out of your price range! At least new!

If you would look used, you could look at that or maybe even a Hughes & Kettner Triamp MK1 which imo is the most versatile head ever constructed (besides the Triamp MKII) and it has some really great sounds! And it is really cheap second hand
Marshall DSL 401 Combo, easily fits into your budget. If you wanted to go head/cab route then you could get the JCM 2000 DSL head. Do not go after the newer DSL series, stay with the older ones, meaning you'll have to go used.
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Quote by KingOfTheRotten
At first I was thinking JVM205C because the head is sooooo awesome! But that's out of your price range! At least new!

Thanks for your reply!
The JVM205c seems like a pretty cool thing. At my local guitar store it goes for 1350€. I'll be sure to go check it out soon, and see if I can find it second hand.

I tried out the DSL40c a while back but the distortion didn't really impress me. Maybe it was this particular amplifier, but I tried out a JVM head afterwards and that one did sound quite awesome.

To make it clear, i'm for a combo, not a head/cab.
When you check them out, ask if you can use an overdrive pedal with it. That's how a lot of players get their compressed high gain tones (along with a compressor in some cases). It really changes the character of the distortion. Gain on 0, level maxed. For everything else, the above mentioned marshalls should be great.

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I can't seem to find a used one, which i'll consider a good sign as people aren't willing to sell them. :P

Are there any other comparable amps that I can take a look at? What are your opinions on Blackstar, ENGL, Laney combo's? I suppose that any Vox or Fender amp doesn't have the amounts of distortion i'm looking for.