So, I loaded some Dragonfire Screamers into my guitar today. They have ceramic magnets, but STILL have more mids than my stock ones, (which had AlNiCo V's) despite only having a small DC resistance difference. it was 13.3 to 16.2 to be exact. Is there a way to tone down my mids a little bit? Even at no mids on the amp, it just sounds thick. To be honest, it gets more highs and loses that muddy mid heavy effect when you crank the mids up. It's a Peavey Rage 158 if that helps. Looking for more tightness too...
This could have gone in one of your other threads. Don't make multiple threads addressing the same sorts of issues please.
So a grounding issue and a mid issue could go in the same thread? Wow. Didn't know that. D:
Sorreh, My bad.
More output = more mids. Specifically, more closely-matched, overwound coils = more mids.
As for A5 and ceramic, they're about the same, mids-wise. If anything, the A5 can be weaker in the mids.

The simple answer is to lower your pickup further from your strings. You get more clarity, weaker mids and sometimes you get slightly longer sustain. You do get less output, but considering how few people these days actually do use pickup output alone to drive their amp, this is rarely a problem.

Also bear in mind that DC resistance is absolutely no indication of output when comparing pickups. All DC resistance can tell you, in terms of output, is how much output the pickup may have for its wire type and coil style. Unless you know exactly what type of wire was used in both coils of the pickup and how closely matched they are/aren't, DC tells you absolutely nothing.
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What you need...is a new amp.

Dammit...I swore I'd never use that line here...oh well.
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