Hi, guys.
I've been playing guitar for 5 years (since I was ten years old). At the beggining I used to only play chords (The Black Lips or Brian Jonestown Massacre style) and some classical music as I was too young, but my playing and tastes have evolved and now I've been more interested in playing and improvising stuff like Jimi Hendrix, early Black Sabbath, Radio Moscow, Earthless, Kadavar and also writing my own songs of this genre but I think I really need to improve my soloing.
I've recently learned the solos of Paranoid and Fairies Wear Boots by Black Sabbath, No Angel or Demon by Witchcraft (these were easy to me) and also Spanish Castle Magic by Jimi Hendrix (which was harder than the other ones).
I'd like you to recommend me more solos of any of the bands I talked about or similar ones with the same or a little bigger degree of difficulty so I can improve my soloing.